Bohemian Inspired
Jewelry & dreamcatchers

Gina Thompson, artisan, Virginia Beach, Gypsy Melange Jewelry

Reveal Your Inner Gypsy

Gypsy Melange was created on the quest for freedom, truth and creativity. Collecting a melange of treasures along the way, unique pieces of jewelry and accessories are thoughtfully handcrafted and one of a kind. The natural elements of each piece are sure to reveal your inner gypsy. 

About Gina Thompson

 I knew one day I would find a way to share my talents and passion for creating unique things. Knowing the gypsy in my mind would always find a desire to explore and challenge my craft, the idea to mass produce pieces of jewelry and accessories just didn't seem appealing to me. There's a story behind everything I create. Inspiration and vision for collections are usually designed around  life events, experiences, hopes or in the moment.  Oh, if these jewels could talk! I handcraft each piece and make it one of a kind, giving you an experience of what Gypsy Melange truly means to me.